• My brief proposal for a series of animated films for A Song of Ice and Fire.

    Now that the TV series has finished, and we were given an "ending," I believe a series of animated films should be produced for A Song of Ice and Fire novels.  The animated films could do things that the TV series couldn't do, being that they […]

  • Setting up the Dragon Queen's madness (the snap moment) better

    Let’s help foreshadow Dany’s snap better by rewriting an old scene…Remember when Dany executes Lord Tarly and his son in season seven?  Nothing Dany did was irrational or even out of line for a conquering queen.  […]

  • Alita the Roller Baller Angel

    The film Alita: Battle Angel is based off a manga comic book series of a similar name.For me, the most impressive aspect of the movie was its attempt to world-build a future cyberpunk dystopian manga world.  Overall though, I was kinda […]

  • The Critics versus the People

    There seems to be an ongoing interesting phenomenon where the professional critics take a drastically different stance on films then the regular people.   I have to ask:  do the critics really matter any more?I side with the peopleI […]

  • The Return of Mister Glass (and the other guys)

    The sequel to Unbreakable and Split has finally been released.  And I wanted to say I really liked Glass.  It is one of those movies of course where you shouldn’t have high expectations going in, so when you actually view it, you end […]

  • I hate computers

    I haven't had my laptop (my only computer) available for the last few days now.  I nearly killed it by dislodging the power adapter from the side port by tripping on it.  When I tried putting  the adapter back in the port; there was […]

  • October Promotion for Sci-fi and Fantasy

    Today is the last day for the 99c science fiction and fantasy promo for October.  Go here to check it out.  I'm sure you'll find something you like there.Even though the promo will be over soon, I'll be leaving my own sci-fi book up for […]

  • 2001: A Space Fantasy

    For one week only they dusted off the film cells for 2001: A Space Odyssey, tweaked them, and put them in IMAXtheaters.  And, it was exactly how I remembered it; a slow prodding film, with plenty of time to contemplate what you were seeing, and […]

  • Wulf and Batsy need some love and understanding.

    Wulf and Batsy is a comic book series, described as “old fashioned Horror,” that’s been around for over a decade now.  There are four trade paperbacks that average about 250 pages available.  So, it’s not really a […]

  • Indie Comics and Review: Rags

    Indie comics are a thing on the internet.  And, with the big name comics declining (Marvel, D.C., Image, etc.), and probably dying, I thought I would take a look and do some reviews.  The one thing that is important in comics, arguable the […]